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        Establish a new high degree of financial leasing service in China

        Social Responsibility

        Fulfilling Economic Development Responsibility and Serving the Real Economy

        Under the guidance of national strategies, the Company adheres to the new development ideas; resolutely implement the three financial tasks, rigorously guard the bottom line of financial risks, and achieve value preservation and appreciation of state-owned assets. Centered on leasing and serving the real economy, the Company promotes technological progress and industrial upgrades, facilitates supply-side reform, boosts green and harmonious developments, and services the Six Stabilities and Six Guarantees.

        Fulfilling Employee Development Responsibility to Put People First

        The Company safeguards the rights and interests of its employees, improves the security system, advances the democratic management of employees, enhances the open, fair and just mechanism for selecting and appointing personnel and builds an unimpeded platform for career development. Efforts are made to build an organization committed to learning, creating a people-oriented and harmonious corporate culture, respecting knowledge and talent, and providing a broad career platform and vast room for growth for employees.

        Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility to Actively Give back to Society

        The Company adheres to the Party leadership, practices socialist core values, launches business operations in strict accordance with the laws, seeks win-win cooperation with stakeholders, and promotes green and harmonious development. JIC Leasing further launches social activities for public good to give back to society and further develops the “Green Windmill” charity brand.