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        JIC Leasing Supported the Construction of Circum-Beijing High-Tech Industrial Cluster

        Time:2022-02-10 Source:JIC Leasing
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        Recently, JIC Leasing issued financial leasing funds for the construction of a high-tech industrial park in Hebei Province.

        The industrial park is the fourth generation high-tech industrial park in Hebei Province. Enterprises in the industrial park include high-tech enterprises and branches such as Inspur, Zhongguancun Financial Service, Tencent Big Data Operation Center, Chindata, SinoHytec, Volvo Asia Pacific and Beiqi Foton. Focusing on developing strategic emerging industries such as big data centers, circular and renewable energy, and high-end equipment manufacturing, this industrial park will be built into a high-tech industrial cluster with integrated production, research and application in the circum-Beijing region.      

        By leveraging its expertise in IT, high-end equipment manufacturing and green and low-carbon development, JIC Leasing supports the continuous improvement of the size of the high-tech industrial clusters in compliance with the national strategic policies and contributes to the coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region.