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        JIC Leasing Tianjin Awarded the 2021 Outstanding Enterprise in Green Leasing Service Innovation

        Time:2022-01-26 Source:JIC Leasing
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        Recently, JIC Leasing Tianjin was awarded 2021 Outstanding Enterprise in Green Leasing Service Innovation by the Tianjin Leasing Trade Association.

        JIC Leasing Tianjin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of JIC Leasing, has continuously worked on green leasing services based on the regional development advantages of Tianjin Free Trade Zone and has actively supported China’s carbon peak and carbon neutrality strategies since its establishment in 2006. Focusing on clean energy, low-carbon mobility, energy conservation and environmental protection fields, JIC Leasing Tianjin constantly innovates its business models to support low-carbon development of the real economy. Meanwhile, active support has been given to energy-saving and carbon reduction transformation of traditional enterprises, and accelerating the building efforts of new energy vehicle, energy storage and green building. Thus far, the asset balance of JIC Leasing Tianjin in green and low-carbon sectors has taken up 30% of its total leasing asset balance.

        This honorary award of 2021 Outstanding Enterprise in Green Leasing Service Innovation shows the affirmation of the rating agency on the promotion of JIC Leasing Tianjin in green development and fulfillment of corporate social responsibility. JIC Leasing will continue to serve national strategies, support the real economy, and promote its professional development in green and low-carbon industries, equipment manufacturing and other sectors.