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        JIC Leasing Won the Honorary Title of Strong Supporter of Digital Transformation by IDC

        Time:2022-01-18 Source:JIC Leasing
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        Recently, the Future Enterprise Awards granted by globally famous technology market research organization IDC were announced. The New JIC Leasing Generation Business Ecosystem Platform Project excelled among over 500 digital transformation cases submitted by about 300 organizations nationally and helped win the honorary title of Strong Supporter of Digital Transformation. JIC Leasing was the only leasing company on the winners list.

        This award is full recognition of JIC Leasing’s active practice of digital development in the face of continuous changes in the internal and external environment, marking the gratifying results in its digital business development.  

        By upgrading the technical architecture of the core business platform, the New Generation Business Ecosystem Platform Project builds a proprietary, micro-service and distributed open technology development platform. This reconstructs core business system products such as leasing, factoring and accounting platforms that are productized and service-oriented. As a corporate business service middle ground, the platform provides standardized services and manageable open interface services to enhance the ecological docking capacity of the Company’s information system and empower the future innovative business models. Through the interconnection of ecological science and technology with the third party system, the platform reduces customer acquisition and operating costs, and achieves “cost reduction and efficiency improvement”. Leading the corporate business development through the upgrading of science and technology, the platform supports professional, small-order and high frequency business models, liberates labor by use of a smart application system, and improves the corporate revenue capacity and the per capita efficiency of the enterprise.  

        The New Generation Business Ecosystem Platform is a cornerstone for the digital business transformation of JIC Leasing. In the future, continuous efforts will be made to advance digital innovation, making full use of financial technology to enable high-quality business development.